Mole People
Written by muineach   
Friday, 28 April 2006
It’s in the middle of a huge blank desert, similar to the ones in the wild west of America, sparse, no animals, just wind howling in my ears.  In the middle of the desert is a large canal, its perfectly straight, its blue water is shimmering in the sun, the water is pure.
The canal runs right up to some huge cliffs, they are vertical but natural.  There are two large metal doors that have been hewn into the rock, the canal runs right up to the doors.
Now I am in a submarine in the canal, I’m in charge of it, I’m alone and I’m looking for somebody/something. The doors are about 150 feet wide by 100 foot tall, huge, mid way up is a hole, the whole is about  foot by 6 foot, inside its pure blackness.

I decide that I have to go into the hole, to find what I’m looking for. I climb into the hole, inside its all metallic with a very long corridor with lots of twists and turns.  Its pitch dark and I’m crawling in my hands and knees, inch by inch, trying to find the way out, always going forward in the belief that I’ll it will eventually come out somewhere.

After 3 days I eventually reach my destination, I come out in a large chamber, so large I can barely see the roof.  The light has the room bathed in red and yellow flashes from large flames that periodically fire, they also give a large whooshing sound. There is also a strange high pitched hum/whine that sounds unearthly, I see some people that look a little strange, all wearing the same clothes. I ask them to take me to their leader, they do.

He is a pleasant man, He gives me a tour, I ask what is this place for, they run it for power, heat and food. We walk by a series of large rooms, in each room are 50-100 people all standing in lines, making a strange noise, after a few minutes one of the people steps forward and jumps into a large furnace, everyone takes a step forward.

I’m shocked and ask the leader what is happening, he says they used the people for food and for power. But that its ok because they aren’t real people. I ask what does he mean, he walks on and takes me to a large care with a large rat in it, he explains its not a rat but a musk rat, then he goes and shows me an example. He takes a person from the room with the queue for the flame and puts their hand into the cage with the rat.

The rat jumps onto the hand but rather than bite the hand it jumps under the skin, the bulge under the skin (the rat) begins to move around, the leader grabs the bulge and stabs it with his knife, he proceeds to slice it the arm open and remove the dead rat.

I say to the leader that I don’t think I can live like this and I tell him that I’m going to leave, he agrees to this and then I leave.