Written by muineach   
Thursday, 20 April 2006


It’s war time, I’m in a ruined city, the streets are full of rubble, the city looks old not like a modern city, most of the building are 5-6 storeys high, they are just shells of buildings now burnt out, bombed, ruined. I’m standing on a mound of rubble looking around, its night time, the only light is from the fires burning in the buildings.  The mound I’m on appears to be a T junction or a cul de sac.

I hear bombers coming overhead, in the distance the bombs start to fall getting closer and closer, they start dropping on the street, the building and ground start to shake. A bomb lands near to my left, the building shakes, I look and see a huge chunk of red bricks start to fall and slowly tumble to earth. I run and take cover, I can feel death/devil nearby, the building to the left starts to get bombed, the bombs are dropping one after another in a line, getting closer and closer.

I feel that this is a message, the flames rip through the building coming closer and closer until the blast hits the wall, rather than the wall collapsing specific blocks are punches out in a pattern, the flame coming thought the looking like eye’s, it’s a scary/eerie scare.

The pattern knocked out of the wall spells a message, but I can’t read it. Suddenly 40-50 people appear running, as the get near the mount they start to fight amongst themselves, using fists, sticks etc. The fight is feral; I fight off one “man” and escape off to the road on the left where I find a German soldier uniform.

I put it on and continue to walk down the road where I meet people in uniform. I join them thinking I can infiltrate them and report back on them.  Then they put me in a prison cell, its in a bombed out police barracks, after a while I hear more explosions off and the cell doors open, some more army people free me and ask what I was doing in the uniform.