Worth Fighting For
Written by muineach   
Thursday, 20 April 2006


I’m in a multi storey car park, the others are going to get the car, we are giving the owner a bit of grief seeing that it’s a ford escort and it’s in bits. I’m standing between levels, I’m holding onto the ticket that will let the car out of the car park. Then some others come over to me and ask me to open the gate with my ticket, I say I cant I can only open the gate for my friends car, they get all annoyed.

Next I’m in a field in what looks like a caravan park. Its on a slight hill, I’m standing beside a hedge, there’s a girl standing beside me, we’re both looking out across the country side over the hedge, the view is perfect, like a painting but real with the sun rising. We both say that it’s perfect the opposite of what’s behind me.  The car is half jacked up as if there’s a flat tyre. The rest of the field is full of tents, and its all muddy, there are people here but just out of view. I start talking to the girl telling her that she’s worth fighting for. Her eyes become tearful and we kiss gently, she says it can’t be, I think she’s with one of her friends from the car. The ones from the car see us and are annoyed, one gets angry and comes over, there’s an argument.

I say she’s worth fighting for.