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Friday, 14 April 2006
So what am I doing ? I'm not so sure just typing to pass a few moments,  so what is this thing we call life ? what is it and how what are u supposed to do ? and how are you supposed to go about it.  So first off what is life and what are we supposed to do ? according to science its about propagating your genes, they fact being that we are just animals who happen to have larger brains that normal.

So what are we to do ? is it fall in love and make babies ? or is it to have sex as many times possible hoping to spread your seed thus making you immortal.  Is it to do with God ? are we just getting reincarnated over and over trying to become better people so that eventually we can go to a place called heaven, where there will be no evil, no hunger, no pestilence, where everyone will be happy and there we will live for ever.  So why would this make any sense ? a god would create beings and put them on the earth so that they can live through pain etc. and then if you die he will reward you with heaven, but only if you have lived by his decree, but then again he never really told anyone what he wanted ? most of the bible/kohran are hearsay where are the acts of god ? How many of the acts were recorded by more than one witness, they through centuries the process of transcribing things change.

With the Christian doctrine things change, priests were married, then no marriage, popes had kids, but then again things change, there was hell there was purgatory, then again things change.  So how much has changed over the years? How much can we take as the “gospel” or do we just take the common truths from all of the teachings of the likes of gospel/commandments/ Koran.

The common truths are quite simple when you boil it all down, but then again that’s just my interpretation of it, they may differ changing person to person.  I’m not going to preach what my interpretations of it are, so by now you may realise that I don’t believe in any one religion, my tendency is to believe in one god, I believe that no matter which god you believe in, it all ends up in the same place.  my belifs tend towards the older style religions, it’s a strange mix of old celtic style, believing that the old megalithic tombs are places of worship and I get more a sense of peace at these places rather than at churches.

At these places I can sit down and relax, and maybe pray but I still pray to god (catholic) as it was the way I was brought up and as I said earlier that I believe that all your prayers go to the one source.  I see “god” in the world around us in nature, in animals, but that is not all I believe, with my recent diagnosis of a brain tumour I’m not sure what to think anymore. 

In the past things that happened to me seemed normal at the time, but later after meeting someone and talking with them about it I realised that what happened to me was not normal.  But lately I’m not sure if these things really happened or if they were just things that were caused by my brain tumour.

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