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Written by muineach   
Monday, 26 June 2006
Ok first off I didnt see Charlies angels for about a year, and I'm not a great fan of the show.
In back seat with parents, were going somewhere it’s taking a while, as we driver along we keep going up, and up and up about an angle of about 20-30 degrees. There are houses everywhere, like a big estate in a city, as we go up along the left houses have a 4-6 inch pipe coming out of the ground floor parallel with the ground, there was a row of 5-6 with the end one being the same size but with more of a tank barrel look to it.

Eventually we arrive at the top of the big hill, to see the beach, we drive along side it for a while looking for an entrance, it seems unspoilt, no shops around. My parents get out and go down to the beach, the beach is quite small 40-50 foot of sand, I stay back as I’m not interested in going to see what they are going to see, then eventually I follow them down. The thing they wanted to see was a rock that was used once in Charlie’s angels, there was a plaque there as well commemorating it. I’m not sure if the rock was used or Charlie’s angels was filmed here.

To get down to the beach you have to climb down a small stone wall, this wall also runs the length of the beach, at this stage my parents are gone, I’m go onto a small pier and look around for a bit. Then along comes a boat, a replica Viking long ship to be exact with only one person captaining it who turns out to be American. He waves as he goes by and I just jump on board. He welcomes me and says he’s just going down the beach a bit, I say that’s fine, so we go down the beach until we see a dilapidated restaurant/house on the coast, what’s odd is that is also has a pier on the front so you can pull up alongside and never have to touch the sand.
The boat starts to fill with water and I ask him what’s going on, he replies not to worry he needs to take on water to lower the boat in the water so we come up at the right level to the pier, I think fair enough, as we get to the pier I notice another boat tied up. We’re coming in fast, too fast, next thing he drops the front of the boat like the Concorde’s nose, it goes down into the water causing some water to come up but it slows us down enough, we come to a complete stop just at the right spot. I thank him and step off.

Now I’m at the front of the restaurant/house, its about 40 foot long, the roof is flat with an overhang over the front entrance, providing cover for people in the rain. Its built out of wood and glass, wood coming up to 4 foot and then glass up to the ceiling. The building is old, I think 40-50 years and has seen better days, the white paint on the front is lifting, it just looks run down.

So I go inside the restaurant, in front of me is a small reception area with two large rooms to the left, as I walk around I find another 2 rooms at the back and a small pantry. Inside the house is bare, no furniture and bare floorboards, I find some friends in there, these are not real people, I just know there “friends”. I ask what are they doing there, the respond that they came to look at the Charlie’s angles rock, I say its ok and point them in the right direction. They look around the restaurant with me, we notice 2 men in the pantry, they don’t respond to us, they’re sitting on the floor looking at the wall. Then they stand up and turn around, something’s wrong with them, they’re eyes are what I would call “piss” yellow, the also have large pieces of crust around they’re eyes, mouths look all infected, lips are blown up, red raw.
Then they start to come after us, slowly shuffling along I decide to get out of there, the back door is closer so I get out of there, along the back is a fence so I run to the right where I find a large puddle/hole so I jumped over that and landed in a well maintained back garden, I can even hear the lawnmower going. I look around to look back at the house and I see my friends laughing and throwing hammers at me, the hammers were bigger than normal more like lump hammers but even bigger, in length they’d be 16-20 inches long. So the hammers hit me, again and again, my friends are all laughing, the whole this has been a joke, the 2 guys with the messed up eyes and mouth were there laughing with them. So I stand up and head back into the house.

Now when I get back into the house, it’s changed its been redecorated, all of my friends are in one room, I go to join them that’s when I see the man. He’s about 40-50 hunched over, has a beard going white. I can now see into the other room, its completely different, its been done up as if it was a young (5-10) girls room, there’s little dolls around the place, its strange that there is no bed. The floors are still bare but the walls have been painted red and pink, but there is a new fireplace along the left wall with a mirror hanging over the top.

The man is angry, I think it’s about his daughter that must have died, it seems that the room is like a shrine to her, he cant move on from her death. He’s angry looking for someone to blame, he mumbling to himself walking in and out of the rooms, he see’s us, we don’t move we think he could harm us.

Then I wake up.
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