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Written by muineach   
Sunday, 25 June 2006
[June '06]
I have no idea what this one was about...
I’m in the southern states of America, I’m a champion stock car driver, but there’s a problem, I’m trying to find someone, I think they need rescuing. Its late at night, I have to find them, so I drive through the streets looking for him/her, I turn left down a street, the road begins to lift up, it then stretches up over a large river.

I’ve changed again, I’m older now. I got a passport photo taken; strange it kind of looks likes Matt Damon with long hair in the photo. I’m in a gym, Robbie Williams is here as well, and Alex Ferguson is here as well, he’s doing strange exercises, stretching exercises. The guy cleaning the floor asks me if I’ve been here long, I say not it’s hard with work, I can only get a few hours in the evening.

So I leave and get into a car, turn the engine on, take handbrake off but there’s a problem, the engine doesn’t start and then the car starts to roll back down the hill, the breaks are gone as well, I manage to stop it by turning around a corner in reverse and slowly sliding into another car, but thankfully there’s not much damage done.

When I get out of the car I can see that all 4 tires have been slashed. A guy from a garage calls to see my and says it will cost X amount to fix the damage, I hold off as there’s someone in a car that I recognise.

So then I shake hands on it with him, but things are the way I understand them, so we shook hands firmer this time and we are happy. Then I ask how long it will take to fix it , then I realise that I have to change identities’ again.
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