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Written by muineach   
Sunday, 25 June 2006
[June '06]
This dream happened during the day, I went for a quick nap during the day as I was very tired it was about 3 p.m.  So here goes..

I find myself walking into the back of my house with some of my extended family (aunts,
Grandmother etc..) we go into the kitchen to look at what has been done to it. It looks like its has been “done up”, now at this stage I realise that I’m in a dream (common enough for me) but I decide to go along with the dream to see where it goes.

The kitchen is a bit different, instead of the table and chairs we have a large foldout table that’s pushed up against the wall, the one cool thing about it is that you can pull out any length you want, so big enough for 2 or for 6 people, and another cool thing was that the chairs folded out from under the table (stools) and they too retracted flat into the wall.
So there I was giving a bit of a tour around showing how to use the table, then I notice that it must be night out, outside the windows its pitch dark, not just dark its completely black.

Then we head into the sitting room, people were asking me what I had done. Which I did was to expanding the decking are out further and I also I increased the height of the ceiling up to about 15 foot and put in glass which slope down over the decking. The ask me where I got the idea for it, I said well it came to me in a dream (freaky eh :P ).

So I decide to head down to my bedroom to see if I had done anything with it.  I open the door and its black so I turn the light on, the room is lit by a single bulb in the middle of the room hanging down by a electrical cord. Then I notice there a stereo and a small TV (14 in.) mounted to the left side of the room, they’re about head height with nothing underneath them, just the bare wall. There a bed, just the bed no mattress or duvet, and a 45 degree angle to the door and a Hoover beside it. The Hoover has the short handle, not the big long one you’d use for cleaning the carpets.

The TV turns on, it goes to static, the bulb starts to blink on and off, then the stereo starts to blare out more static, at this stage its getting quite creepy so I decide to wake myself up, then I realise that I cant, that I’m stuck here, I cant open my eyes, I cant move in real life, but I can in the dream, for a second I get my eyes partially open then the shut I keep concentrating but I cant wake up. At this stage I am starting to get freaked out that I could be stuck in the dream forever, the light starts blinking out quicker and quicker, getting to be like a strobe.

I grab the Hoover and start smashing it into the floor using the head of it, I just kept hitting it over and over into the floor, just trying to break through. Then I start to use my hands trying to pound then through the floor, and at the same time trying to open my eyes, then I try to break through the walls, I’m getting nowhere, I don’t break through anything but then I wake up.
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