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Written by muineach   
Sunday, 25 June 2006
[early '06]
I’m on a beach, looks like the ones of the lost television series. I’m on the beach and I think there are other people there maybe 10 or more, for some reason we all decide to rush into the sea, for what reason I don’t know. As the water gets up to my chest I look down and I can see a wire, it’s like a tripwire, so me being me I pull it. Next minute al the people go rushing out of the water and up the beach fleeing in all directions.

There’s a small boy with me, I thinks he’s lost so I hold his hand and try to get him to safety, what are we running from ? Well there’s a huge tyrannosaurus-rex on the beach, but he’s not the normal size he’s much bigger, more like Godzilla. So I rush up the beach I get onto a rocky outcrop with the child, the t-rex is just behind us, we try to hide behind a rock, the t-rex comes up and tries to bite us, first from the left, then the right.
Then he says “ah your not worth it” and walks off.

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