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Written by muineach   
Thursday, 04 May 2006
I’m with my parents, I think I’m younger than I am now, we’re in Dublin and we go into a big cathedral. It seems just like a catholic church only there’s a large green orb up where the alter should be, the orb is about 2 foot across, its dark green at the centre and at the outside its more of a bright green. It seems that it has taken the place of the cruxfix with everyone worshiping it, the priest stands near to it saying prayers. I’m sitting on a bench but I don’t think I have any shoes on, so I take a mass leaflet (paper) and try to make a pair of shoes out of them, but I’m making noise so my parents tell me to be quiet.

Now I’ve jumped forward in time, I’m in Dublin again and I’m reminiscing about the way the streets were, I’m sitting at the window of floor café which is on the top floor of a large building. I sit there looking down at what has changed, I can barely see the streets due to the new “railways” that are running over the streets, next minute a train goes to my right, then another to my left, which I then look to the left and see Alex Ferguson sitting to my left, I look at him and then the dream ends.

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