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Written by muineach   
Friday, 28 April 2006
I remember fragments of this dream, it’s a part of something larger, something I can’t remember.

It starts off that I am needed to release the devil/end of the world, to do this a group of people/monsters have captured me as well as a girl with long blonde hair (pretty). The people that have captured us are evil. There are another bunch of people/monsters that are good somehow they manage to free me.

So I’m standing outside a large double door that leads into a gothic church. I open the door a little and look inside, the church is vast, the back wall is about 150 yards away with the width being 100 yards, the roof is being held up by 4 large pillars along the central passageway.  At the back wall there’s an alter with a silver crucifix on it, with two large candles on either side.

The crucifix has a large red ruby in the centre with a smaller ruby at each end of the crucifix. The crucifix is more of a cross, there’s no Jesus on it, it is about 2 foot high.
The church is fairly dark with most of the light concentrated along the centre passage, even though there are no seats in the church.  The floor is empty from wall to wall, with the cold hard tiles echoing any sound made. There is one person around the alter but its too dark to make out any details, I can also see movement in the shadows but they seem more like shadows than people.

About 20 yards inside the door is the girl, she’s in a white dress (similar to a wedding dress) and is encased in a glass box, she’s pressing against the glass but cannot escape.

There are abut 5-6 people/monsters with me, they hand me a grappling hook gun and tell me to go and get the crucifix. I open the door some more and take aim at the cross and fire, it falls about 100 yards short, then I realise that it landed near the girl, I fling the doors open and rush inside straight for the girl, I pick up the hook and wrap it around the glass case. The other guys that were with me start pulling hard as they can, the case starts moving very fast towards the door, I run but can barely keep up. I look to the side and see the shapes moving from the shadows over the dead bodies of what look like monks. The shapes run towards the door, the case is now through the door, the shapes are now at the door trying to get through.

These ‘shapes’ are about 4-5 foot tall, there are a dark grey colour like weathered slate, they look more like stone than flesh, they have one large eye in the centre of their face with a large mouth underneath it with huge teeth.  These shapes have no necks, the head is within their shoulders, their arms drop down to the floor and rather than hands have large claws on each end.

They are now clawing at the door trying to get to us, we know that we cannot hold the door for much longer; we know that we’re in the trouble.  Then the gargoyles on the outside of the church start to move, their faces turn red, they start to chant and the noise is deafening, chilling to the bone, it’s a deep guttural chant.  Then we heard noises coming from outside the church coming at us from behind. The outside door is open and 10-20 monsters are charging in, they are a different type but have a similar skin tone.  These ones are about 5 foot tall, they have two long legs that run from the ground up to their shoulder, then the head is in between where the hips should be, they are basically 2 legs and a head.  The head is like a large bats head with pointy ears and vicious looking teeth.

They burst through the main door and start fighting with my companions; we see a room to the side and dive into it for protection.  Inside the room we discover that its ramshackled, its about 15 foot square, we close the doors behind and try to barricade it as the monsters are still trying to get in.  There are 5 dead monks on the floor, someone says they must have another way out of here, that they would have built an escape route, we look around and find a hatch in the ceiling and realise that it must go into the crawlspace where hopefully we can escape from the monsters or get near the cross.  I pull a wardrobe across the floor to be under the hatch, we use this as a ladder, I open the hatch above revealing a pitch darkness, I climb in.

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