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Written by muineach   
Thursday, 20 April 2006

This one is from way back in 2001.

There are a few of us on a trip, there 3 males 1 female and myself. We’re in a shopping centre, I get into an argument with someone, its small and petty, I think its about the girl. Next I’m in a news agent , I’ve picked up a large glossy magazine in my hand folded over, I cant see the front and the back is just an advertisement. I’m pacing up and down the rows for magazines, I’m looking for something but I can’t find it, I know what I want I just cant find it. 

The magazine I’m holding is silver/grey pattern and it’s glossy.  I’m getting more and more agitated as I can’t find the right magazine.  A kid sees the magazine that I’m holding, he starts talking to me about the magazine, and he says it’s a special magazine and he really wants it, he starts pestering me. I get more and more emotional, eventually I give him the magazine and he’s delighted.  I walk out of the shop in tears, fighting to hold them back.

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