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Written by muineach   
Friday, 14 April 2006

Last night I was in a submarine I was part of the crew, again I wasn’t alone I was with a male friend, maybe that’s just a part me or my brother that never was. I was on the submarine and there was another submarine and we were playing cat and mouse.  I got a stupid idea of trying to “tag” the other submarine. We went to the back of the submarine, we went in through a hatch, I decompress the chamber and let it fill up with water.

I then open the hatch and hang onto the handle, as we swing around to the other submarine, getting closer, we come up close and I managed to hit the submarine with my hand, then I swing back in and empty the chamber of water.  Then the two of us just start laughing at the other crew, laughing at them trying to work out what just happened.

Later on I enter a house its pitch dark, but I know this house, I’m at ease, its pitch dark, then I notice someone in the kitchen he’s moving, I think he’s getting some food,  I say “oh I didn’t realise” that you were back so soon.  It was fearful at all, just quiet, knowing that someone had come back.

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