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Written by muineach   
Friday, 14 April 2006
We're in a room that looks like my rooms from 15 years ago. Theres 3 men and a 2-3 women sitting by the bed on the ground listening to the crap going on, one guy says he has to go so now theres a “spare” girl remember think as she sat down beside me, shes only here now as he’s gone, she snuggles up close to me asks something I just stare forward.
The she kisses my jaw then chin then I turn around and kiss her properly, she pushes her tongue deep into my mouth, I remember feeling disgust at both of us as she only doing it as the other guy is gone, but still enjoying it.

Then we are outside in what may be a forest, the people I'm with may not be the ones from earlier. It starts to rain, it’s a downpour, so we all rush into a cave all good humoured and laughing, we follow the cave out, its ancient. Were all inside in good form laughing and joking about it all. It opens out onto a lake where the rain is pouring down, the lake is shimmering from the rain, you can see the drops of rain bouncing off the lake, the ripples spreading out and interacting with each other.  Everything was peaceful, everyone was quite just enjoying the moment, the sun overhead trying to break out from behind the clouds casting light down onto the lake.

On the inside of the cave the top of the cave seems to have been etched out, the top edge of the cave was either cut out of quartz into small squares, they had a slightly blue tinge to them, they were stepped up going upward, moving one square at a time, the squares were about 1-2 inches square, giving the impression that the y had been carved centuries ago, for what purpose I dont know.

The dream ends with all of us looking out at the lake, quiety, peaceful. 

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