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Written by muineach   
Friday, 14 April 2006

This was a strange dream.

It was as if I was only 9 or 10 and so were everyone else, there were a few adults around but very little.  It was in a disco or nightclub, the dance floor had kids that I knew well, a bunch of friends all dancing and messing about, but something was distracting me, so I left the dance floor and wandered off to an area that had sunlight with a boy sitting down in a chair and an adult, maybe his father, well anyway his was giving out to the boy, I stopped he didn’t see me, so I turned and went back to the dance floor.

My friends were all in arm and arm, going round in circles, one in centre all other going round and round, I thought I saw  someone on roller-skates but I’m not sure and they swing round I bend down and go underneath them.  Then I head over to an area slightly off the dance floor where another friend was, sitting on square chairs, 70’s style cubes in brown leather? He was there talking to 3 girls, I tell him the man is here and what was happening , then I say we better go, he gets up and we turn to go.

After that I’m walking down a road with fields on both sides, I’m not sure but I think there was a pavement. Walking with me is a beautiful girl, both of us are about the same age 9 or 10. She’s beautiful and slightly tanned, she reminds me of Sinead from primary school. I don’t have any trousers on, I wearing a pair of boxer shorts with either the American or UK flag on it, it was blue, red and white. I wondered what happened last night and where my trousers were, but I thought it must have been a good party.

As we walk she says I think we know each other but not from now, it’s as if I’ve either known you before or will know you later on.  I look into the fields, nice green grass and then I remember the fields, a memory of them not being fields but of house’s, shops and remembering them being build see the land torn up and construction underway.

I stop and look at her, I agree with what she said, yes I think we do not from now but later I think it was from 13-23. I said that as if it had already happened, that it was in the past, then we continue to walk down the road.

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