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Written by muineach   
Friday, 28 April 2006
It’s in the middle of a huge blank desert, similar to the ones in the wild west of America, sparse, no animals, just wind howling in my ears.  In the middle of the desert is a large canal, its perfectly straight, its blue water is shimmering in the sun, the water is pure.
The canal runs right up to some huge cliffs, they are vertical but natural.  There are two large metal doors that have been hewn into the rock, the canal runs right up to the doors.
Now I am in a submarine in the canal, I’m in charge of it, I’m alone and I’m looking for somebody/something. The doors are about 150 feet wide by 100 foot tall, huge, mid way up is a hole, the whole is about  foot by 6 foot, inside its pure blackness.

I decide that I have to go into the hole, to find what I’m looking for. I climb into the hole, inside its all metallic with a very long corridor with lots of twists and turns.  Its pitch dark and I’m crawling in my hands and knees, inch by inch, trying to find the way out, always going forward in the belief that I’ll it will eventually come out somewhere.

After 3 days I eventually reach my destination, I come out in a large chamber, so large I can barely see the roof.  The light has the room bathed in red and yellow flashes from large flames that periodically fire, they also give a large whooshing sound. There is also a strange high pitched hum/whine that sounds unearthly, I see some people that look a little strange, all wearing the same clothes. I ask them to take me to their leader, they do.

He is a pleasant man, He gives me a tour, I ask what is this place for, they run it for power, heat and food. We walk by a series of large rooms, in each room are 50-100 people all standing in lines, making a strange noise, after a few minutes one of the people steps forward and jumps into a large furnace, everyone takes a step forward.

I’m shocked and ask the leader what is happening, he says they used the people for food and for power. But that its ok because they aren’t real people. I ask what does he mean, he walks on and takes me to a large care with a large rat in it, he explains its not a rat but a musk rat, then he goes and shows me an example. He takes a person from the room with the queue for the flame and puts their hand into the cage with the rat.

The rat jumps onto the hand but rather than bite the hand it jumps under the skin, the bulge under the skin (the rat) begins to move around, the leader grabs the bulge and stabs it with his knife, he proceeds to slice it the arm open and remove the dead rat.

I say to the leader that I don’t think I can live like this and I tell him that I’m going to leave, he agrees to this and then I leave.

Treatment Girl PDF Print E-mail
Written by muineach   
Thursday, 20 April 2006


I’m living at home, my mother wants me to go for treatment, and we go into the village into an old building and go up some narrow stairs. We go into the room there are a few beds with patients in them and a few nurses. The bed has some sunlight shining on it as its right beside a window, looking out onto the car park. A young pretty girl is sitting up in the bed smiling; she has shortish back hair with a sight pink/purple blush on her cheeks contrasting how pale she really is. She’s very pretty with plumpish cheeks, I say hello and so does she. I ask what the place is like, some simple chit chat, she’s nice and we’re kinda flirting for a while.

Meanwhile my mother is talking to the nurse/doctor, then we leave, as we leave I see a man having his sheets changed, with him sitting up in bed. Some time later, I’m being forced into the back of my car, I’m put into the back seat between two other people, my mother s driving and my brother is in the passenger seat.  They are all worried/angry and afraid as we drive into the town, my mother says that I have to go back for more treatment. As we drive down the road, I imagine thousands of beautiful flowers falling gently from the sky onto the road and car.

Next thing then they start to fall and hit the car, everyone else in the car becomes more afraid, they don’t know how to react.  We stop before the village, they let me out and told me to go and check myself in, they’re frightened. I agree and walk toward the town, but as I get near I cant remember where it is, I was only there the first day so I head toward there. When I get there the stairs are narrower now, barely wide enough for me to fit through, then they disappear, now instead of stairs there are filing cabinets stacked on top of each other filled with patients files.  The cabinets are stacked on top of each other to form a stairway
I manage to pull myself up and through the door, there’s a sign on the door, it says that there’s a group meeting going on. I walk inside and the nurses look at me as if they’ve seen me before, I see the same scared unsure look in there eyes that I saw in my families faces. I look to the window and see the girl sitting there, smiling, her eyes bright, I walk over and ask here where do I check in, she says its not here, she’s still smiling and flirting.

Then something in her eyes that attracts me, we talk some more and I thank her for helping me, as I leave I turn back to see if she’s still looking, she is and says “and if your good you may even get my number” I smile then turn around and ask “well what if I’m bad”, we both smile, I walk over to a nurse and say that “I’ve been here before and I want to check in again”. She says “yes I know you, I’ve been briefed about your case” with a very stern look. “You need to go across the road to check in”, so I leave and as I walk toward the place to check in I begin to think the only reason that I’m being out in here is that my family wont talk to me, I’m not the problem, they are the ones with the issues. Then I walk by the “treatment” place, I though of the girl in the bed and whether I should go back or not, but I wasn’t sure.

I turned around and then saw a sign outside the building with the girl in it, the building was due to be demolished.

Toddler PDF Print E-mail
Written by muineach   
Thursday, 20 April 2006


I’m at a party in a small flat with one bed, there are also some family around (can’t remember if it was my family).  This woman (30ish) was taking to another guy, she leaves him and comes over to me and falls into my arms on the couch. We laugh and kiss, badly at first, more laughing than anything else, then we kiss properly until she things its great, then we start to fool around a bit, the she says she cant and gets up and leaves the room.

5 minutes later she arrives back in with her toddler, the toddler has been crying, more of the family come it, its starts to feel aqward.  They all stay till dawn and then leave.  The family are all talking between themselves, saying what they think of me to each other, but not saying anything to me.

Bomber PDF Print E-mail
Written by muineach   
Thursday, 20 April 2006


It’s war time, I’m in a ruined city, the streets are full of rubble, the city looks old not like a modern city, most of the building are 5-6 storeys high, they are just shells of buildings now burnt out, bombed, ruined. I’m standing on a mound of rubble looking around, its night time, the only light is from the fires burning in the buildings.  The mound I’m on appears to be a T junction or a cul de sac.

I hear bombers coming overhead, in the distance the bombs start to fall getting closer and closer, they start dropping on the street, the building and ground start to shake. A bomb lands near to my left, the building shakes, I look and see a huge chunk of red bricks start to fall and slowly tumble to earth. I run and take cover, I can feel death/devil nearby, the building to the left starts to get bombed, the bombs are dropping one after another in a line, getting closer and closer.

I feel that this is a message, the flames rip through the building coming closer and closer until the blast hits the wall, rather than the wall collapsing specific blocks are punches out in a pattern, the flame coming thought the looking like eye’s, it’s a scary/eerie scare.

The pattern knocked out of the wall spells a message, but I can’t read it. Suddenly 40-50 people appear running, as the get near the mount they start to fight amongst themselves, using fists, sticks etc. The fight is feral; I fight off one “man” and escape off to the road on the left where I find a German soldier uniform.

I put it on and continue to walk down the road where I meet people in uniform. I join them thinking I can infiltrate them and report back on them.  Then they put me in a prison cell, its in a bombed out police barracks, after a while I hear more explosions off and the cell doors open, some more army people free me and ask what I was doing in the uniform.

Worth Fighting For PDF Print E-mail
Written by muineach   
Thursday, 20 April 2006


I’m in a multi storey car park, the others are going to get the car, we are giving the owner a bit of grief seeing that it’s a ford escort and it’s in bits. I’m standing between levels, I’m holding onto the ticket that will let the car out of the car park. Then some others come over to me and ask me to open the gate with my ticket, I say I cant I can only open the gate for my friends car, they get all annoyed.

Next I’m in a field in what looks like a caravan park. Its on a slight hill, I’m standing beside a hedge, there’s a girl standing beside me, we’re both looking out across the country side over the hedge, the view is perfect, like a painting but real with the sun rising. We both say that it’s perfect the opposite of what’s behind me.  The car is half jacked up as if there’s a flat tyre. The rest of the field is full of tents, and its all muddy, there are people here but just out of view. I start talking to the girl telling her that she’s worth fighting for. Her eyes become tearful and we kiss gently, she says it can’t be, I think she’s with one of her friends from the car. The ones from the car see us and are annoyed, one gets angry and comes over, there’s an argument.

I say she’s worth fighting for.

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